Testimonials from Jamie’s clients:

“Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. Wax on, wax off, don’t forget to breathe, very important.” Like the Karate Kid, I was impatient, confused, sick of being used as slave labor waxing cars and painting houses, and couldn’t wait for Jamie to teach me the big round-house kicks and super punches.

With an open mind and trust in Jamie, I soon learned that finding the right woman was less about the big kicks and punches (pick-up lines, saying the right things, trying to be someone you’re not, etc.), but more about myself and broadcasting energy into the universe. In order to properly connect with the world, I personally had to re-connect with my feelings and intuition, which was difficult for me since I’ve long abandoned these pertinent entities for cold logic. I’ve also learned to accept myself for who I am by creating a better relationship with my past and present. I was shocked to see these indirect understandings and Jamie’s customized training methods transform my personal dating life within only a couple of weeks. Through intense, direct and honest feedback I have a better idea of who I am, where I’m going and what I want. I am proud to say that I am now dating the girl of my dreams!

In all, I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Jamie. She is very sharp, hard-working, caring, and has an incredible intuitive sense. I am also impressed how she was able to handle someone like myself whom hates to be coached and is an arrogant smart-ass: good job Jamie.

The progress I made and the new path that Jamie helped me pave is priceless. Our work not only dramatically improved my love life and GOT ME A GIRLFRIEND, but has also proved to be valuable in my professional career as well. If you choose Ms. Jamie Miyagi as your coach I’m sure she will change your life as she has changed mine!

~Richard 27 years old  (San Diego)

Dear Jamie,

This letter is to thank you for your help with my social and professional interpersonal skill sets. Within a short period of time, you have coached me to become more confident with dating and socializing in general.

The comfortable atmosphere you created made discussing and analyzing my personal issues easy and fun. We quickly targeted the areas where I needed improvement, and you gave me the guidance and insight I needed.

The help that you have provided has had dramatic effects already. I have noticed that I became more approachable and now connect with a lot more people than I usually did. Which is great for dating, and for business.

Your advice is something that I can carry with me for the rest of my life! I say it is worth the money and I suggest your coaching to everyone.

~Dominic 32 years old (San Diego)

“Working with Jamie was a great experience!  She made each session fun and enjoyable while using hands-on, practical training techniques that worked on my specific issues.  Jamie listened to my concerns and worked to fix my individual problems, never using a cookie-cutter, one size fits all mentality.  She understands how women think and gives you straight-forward skills to use in real world settings while avoiding overly complicated or contrived ‘tricks’ that so many other websites seem to use.  Instead, Jamie will quickly see where you currently are and help get you to where you want to be.  And you’ll have a fun time throughout the entire process.  I’m very happy that I got to work with Jamie and think you will be too.”

~Joey 28 years old (San Diego)

Jamie is extremely gifted and has a powerful intuition.  Her objective is to help you uncover the layers and resolve the issues that get in the way when connecting with women.  Once you remove enough layers, you gain access to your natural, masculine core.  Your masculinity is what women are naturally drawn to sexually.  Jamie has helped me resolve many personal issues which gives me more freedom in my life.  I started generating a lot more interest from women, mostly in the form of first dates.  From there I started to notice that some women would go out with me more than once!  I ended up having a lot of choice and learned a lot about who I was and the type of woman I would want to be with.  I also feel much more comfortable in my own skin.  I even had sex with two women in the same weekend, which was unprecedented for me.  And all this has led to the beginning of a new relationship with someone I’m extremely interested in, and we are still together.  I’m extremely hopeful about the future and thankful for my work with Jamie.

~Justin, 39 years old (San Diego)

I contacted Jamie for in-person coaching because I was still having some trouble meeting women. I actually had no problem working up the nerve to talk to them, but I still was hardly able to get contact info from them. This despite studying the material of a lot of “Gurus” in The Men’s Community.

Jamie happens to be a very attractive young woman who gets a lot of male attention, so she was able to feel and pinpoint from both her own personal experience and her formal training what I was doing wrong. Importantly for me, it was very different from what I thought I was doing wrong. I discovered how it was much less the words coming out of my mouth and much more non-verbal communication. She (and her assistant Ellen, who is a sweetheart) made me aware of tics and gestures with my hands and voice that I wasn’t even aware of. These actually were turning people (especially, but not just women) off and KILLING my chances of getting the girls I was meeting to see me again. It was mind-blowing for me. I had no idea.  And then she and I, with her cutting-edge methods, went to work on fixing what I was doing wrong. We then developed tactics and strategies that work for me.

Anyway, if you’re not having success with women that you want, it is NOT because you haven’t learned enough top-secret routines. Instead, it is because you aren’t coming across the way you want to on a more basic, fundamental level. Your body language and mannerisms that you probably aren’t even consciously aware of are communicating things to women that are turning them away from you. You and Jamie will fix that in your work together.

~Mike, 34 years old (San Diego)

When I first contacted Jamie, I thought all I needed help with is developing courage to approach women.  I felt and believed that I had everything else figured out, and no question, I was dating a fair amount even before I met Jamie.  Oh how wrong I was!  Jamie taught me about attitude and body language and the messages I was sending out to women unconsciously.  I think the biggest lesson I learned from her was to be “authentic.”  It is easy to say, but far harder to describe.  I sum it up as the willingness to carry oneself with honest feelings and integrity.  And to not communicate with an attitude to control, manipulate, or otherwise “convince” the other party.  Rather, by stating your true feelings and what you want, WITHOUT being needy, you are being true to yourself and not compromising who you are.  I can tell you that small lesson has had a huge impact.  I now have a girlfriend I would have never been able to keep before getting coaching.

~Nick, 30 years old (San Diego)

Hey I’m Brandon and I have now taken two workshops that Jamie has coached. Before I met Jamie, I moved through life very apathetically, was not true to what I wanted as a result of fear, and could not connect with people on a deep level.

What I love most about Jamie, besides the fact that she helped me so dramatically, is that she genuinely cares for her students and wants to see them reach their goals. At the last day of the workshop, her eyes were actually welling with tears because of how proud she was to see such dramatic changes in all of us.

An awesome example of her profound impact on me is with a situation that happened with a friend of mine (who I am attracted to) who was shit testing me. In the past, I always gave into these tests because I didn’t see them as that or I was to scared to just be true to myself.

After working with Jamie, I looked back on what I did and realized that no matter how many times she told me that “I’m full of shit”, I stood my ground and took it in. It really was an amazing experience being able to do that. I highly recommend Jamie as a coach for one simple reason…you will grow as a person. As easy as it was to notice the changes in myself, it was even easier to see the massive improvements my fellow workshop students had made in a three day period. Thank you Jamie!

~Brandon, 18 years old (Los Angeles)

Jamie was a coach in the Inner Game of Connection workshop I took. I decided to take the workshop to improve my ability to connect with my girlfriend and to remain connected with her while still being able to communicate my needs wants and desires to her and to improve our relationship.

Jamie helped with this by being present, giving lots of good feedback, testing me during the exercises, and helping me to open up and learn to connect better. This has led to a better relationship not just with my girlfriend but with others people around me. I would recommend Jamie as a coach because she is intelligent, knowledgable, easy to open up to and connect with, and very kind and caring. Thank you,

~Todd, 41 years old (Arizona)

My name is Brett. I am a 26 year old male from northern calf. Before meeting jamie I found myself having trouble interpating what women really meant either in text messages or in everyday conversations. I felt like I didn’t know what to say or how to respond. People said be myself, but for some reason it seemed more dificult than that.

Jamie helped give me confidence and reassurance in what I was doing. She was great. She would tell me what a woman is really thinking, but she would explain as if she was a guy. It was direct & straight to the point. She helped me to find the kind of women I liked and let the other ones go. Now I have been dating my dream girl for about a year now, thanks to Jamie. I would definitely reccommend her as a coach to anyone who wants to improve their relationships with women and communication.

~Brett, 26 years old (Sacramento)

I met Jamie at the Total Confidence workshop. I went with no expectations and was experiencing a depression relapse related to a painful breakup I had over a year ago. During the course of the workshop Jamie helped me to see that my heart had actually closed up due to my fear of being hurt again. It was hard for me to expose myself to others in this way and was blocking my ability to be truely open with women. Through eye gazing and other exercises that weekend I could feel my heart begin to open up a little. At one point I even broke down crying (due to all the pain I had kept buried since the breakup), which was something I thought I’d never do in front of a group of strangers. With guidance from Jamie I began to see that a wounded heart can be a source of strength and confidence rather than baggage in the connections I make with women. A couple months later I have begun to “own” those scars on my heart and as a result I feel much more present when I am interacting with a woman or anyone for that matter. Thanks Jamie! You’ve helped me more than you know.

Love (and I really mean that from my HEART) Always,

~Sam, 32 years old (Los Angeles)

I’d spent most of my life being too much of a ‘nice guy’ to ever get what I want from women. Then my FIRST NIGHT with Jamie her no-nonsense orders led to my making out with a goddess! And that newfound confidence led to my making out with another cute stranger for hours the very next night. Plus the fact that she’s a certified hypnotherapist can’t be overemphasized. After an intense session with her I felt like a whole new person-one who’ll get everything he wants in life!

~Phillip, 28 years old (San Diego)

Jamie is one of the sweetest, most sincere, honest, tolerant, forgiving, caring and hard-working young women I have ever had the good fortune to meet in my whole life. In addition to being beautiful. I recommend her blog at themysterykey.com/blog
which contains solid and comprehensive advice in addition to her personal story.  She makes an absolutely blinding wing girl who guys can hire to accompany them to clubs, in addition to a fantastic telephone coach. Thank you,

~Tim, 34 years old (San Diego)

I listened to Jamie’s solo podcasts and the ones with Rob and really enjoyed them. So many of the male dating coaches give different advice and have different attitudes to women that it was great to hear from a woman and couple who know about the dating community but whose relationship is romantic and hot and obviously working.

I found your honesty and openness very refreshing – this is what us guys need to hear, the genuine dope. After all men and women are pretty different, really, and it’s so good of you to give us the genuine ‘inside info’. I love your frankness because most women don’t let their defences down and admit how variable they are emotionally and so us guys tend to take stuff you do and say too seriously sometimes. I know I have done that at times. Also I’ve found some women too shy to say what they really like, so I have to work it out by their non-verbal reactions and sometimes get it wrong. I think I’ve got better over the years. One of my favourite films is What Women Want – one of my personal ambitions is to be able to learn to totally read women’s minds :) It would make it so much easier to please you guys. ;) I’m sure honest advice could really help – it’s just hard finding someone genuine who doesn’t just tell you whatever will encourage you to part with the most money!

~Richard, 44 years old (United Kingdom)

Hi my name is John and I wanted to publicly thank Jamie for her help and guidance. When I was looking for a coach, it was important that I find someone who would be able to understand me better than I understand myself. I thought this would be an impossible task but Jamie has proved to be exceptional at discovering the core of my issues and teaching me how to move past them quickly and effectively. I’ve noticed so many new opportunities in my life and I feel so incredibly free and uninhibited, it’s great! I look forward to future sessions with Jamie and I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking to make changes and improvements in their life. All the best!

~John, 28 years old (New York)

Jamie never ceases to amaze!!! This is the second time I’ve had her as a coach and i saw a completely different side of her.. when i first had her she was incredibly sharp, sexy as all hell, and completely, completely straight forward.. she knew exactly how to kick my ass into gear, and she helped me break down so many walls that were keeping me from really being able to really connect with women.. this second time around.. she was completely nurturing, and supportive.. she knew how to push me to be more ballsy, confident, and she showed me what the just the right amount of arrogance was attractive to women.. her input is absolutely priceless!!

~George, 25 years old (San Diego)