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In the sports world, athletes rely on coaches to help them improve their performance…And coaches are able to achieve this by drawing upon their own distinct knowledge and awareness to see what’s missing in an athlete’s game and how to properly implement it.

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Now imagine if you had a coach who was focused on helping you improve your dating performance. Someone with a unique insight into the world of attraction and women, who can see what’s missing in your approach to dating and help you put it into action. Suddenly, you have the power to enhance your “game” and see immediate results in the “field.” That’s a dating coach.  And that’s what I do. So if you’ve ever wondered why some men are able to approach women with confidence and create instant rapport while you’ve struggled to overcome your nerves and initiate conversations, I can help.

My services run the gamut and are tailored to your individual needs. So whether you are looking for or in a relationship, jumping back into the dating world, or just want to have some fun… I can give you the tools to create a continuously satisfying and enjoyable love life!

  • Master the art of the first date to make lasting impressions.
  • Eliminate the nervous energy that ruins your chances with the women you want.
  • Interpret that text or phone call, and learn how to reply powerfully every time.
  • Start dating the kind of women you have always dreamed about.
  • Find out how to use body language to demonstrate confidence and sophistication.
  • Learn about ways to tap into your inner strength and embrace the masculinity every woman craves
  • Get tips on how to create an online dating profile that’ll generate real responses time and again from the women you want to meet
  • Discover simple and effective ways to meet women in college, at the local bar, or even at the grocery store.

The First Date Diagnostic

If you want to meet single women in Los Angeles and you are not having the success you desire, The First Date Diagnostic is about getting to the root cause of your dating frustrations.  This is not a quick fix, routine, or the holy grail.  It is, however, an opportunity to see how you are killing your chances with women and and stop doing it once and for all.

In a nutshell, the First Date Diagnostic is a hands on, real world training session where men get to go on a simulated first date with an attractive woman and get feedback from one of Los Angeles’ top dating coaches about what they can improve upon.

What should I expect to happen?

The First Date Diagnostic has two parts: in the first part you are seated and served in a private environment much like you would be in a restaurant AND it’s filmed with a high definition video camera.  You go through the date as you naturally would; getting to know each other, flirting and dealing with all the things that come up on a date.

The second part is a feedback session with Jamie Thompson (LA’s premier female dating coach for men) and the woman you went on the date with who happens to be a trained assistant.  You get to see exactly what’s working and not working in your conversation skills, connecting ability, body language, sexual presence and tension building, mannerisms, and energy in general.  The women give your honest feedback, tools and solutions to the challenges you have with women in a very supportive, compassionate and safe environment.  You get real world practice and real solutions from real women.  It’s a useful tool for anyone who would like to learn “how to date” or simply wants to get to the next level of connecting with beautiful women!

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.  Many if not most of your unconscious negative patterns, survival strategies, and bad habits are revealed in just this session.  Many times people find that there is some subconscious negative belief that is causing their problems with women.   These beliefs can and will be eliminated.  The video camera and the attractive women you are sitting across from brings up the same anxiety, stress, and negative patterns that comes up when you are on a real first date or talking to a woman for the first time.  Accept, now for the first time you have the opportunity to correct the behavior that doesn’t work and make a new choice to better serves you.

After the First Date Diagnostic Jamie offers specific work shops, One-on-One coaching packages, fashion consultation sessions, wing woman outings, etc. tailored to you, and based on the areas you want to increase your skill set with women.  Some people really take in the feedback and get what they came for and go back out into their lives with confidence and a new found understanding of women.  Others continue with coaching and in a short period of time they find themselves easily getting phone numbers and attracting the women they want.  They find it easy to make enjoyable connections with quality women that lead to casual dating relationships or a more serious girlfriend.  Most importantly they have choice with women.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?
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Services Jamie Offers After First Date Diagnostic:

The Private Coach

This is the most dynamic of all the services I offer.  Being one on one allows us to really get into getting rid of limiting beliefs and bad habits you have surrounding dating and being around attractive women.  This allows you to create a whole new and empowering belief system!  We will put you in the situations that are the most difficult for you like cold approaching, first dates, and connecting with women.  Then we will help you understand what you are doing that isn’t working and how to change it.  People find that they get results very quickly because it’s real time, on the court coaching with real women.  This is perfect for someone who wants to take their dating life to the next level.

The Phone Coach

The answers to all of your dating questions are literally just a phone call away. Whether you’re looking for something serious or casual, phone coaching will take the guesswork out of dating and leave you with the confidence and communication to transform your relationships. – Learn how to keep the conversation interesting and flowing on your next date. – Determine her level of interest and get the secrets to understanding what she means by what she says… – Find out how to meet women anywhere! The grocery store, bank, Starbucks, club, etc. (Sessions can be conducted in person)


The Fashion Coach

If you’re the kind of guy who never knows what to wear, or admittedly doesn’t know the first thing about style…Let’s go shopping. Women are keenly aware of how you dress, since it can prove a strong indicator of confidence and sophistication. Let me help you generate an innate understanding of what to wear and when to wear it. You’ll get the inside scoop on what women like and how your outfit can significantly affect their perception of you.

The Field Coach

Have you heard the term “Wing Man?” It’s a male friend who helps improve your “game” by acting as an icebreaker and building you up in front of a woman you’re interested in. Consider how effective it could be if your “wing man,” was actually a “wing woman.” As your field coach, I venture out on the town with you to the local hot spot and train you to initiate conversations and connect with the the women you have always wished you could talk to.


Overcome the beliefs that have subconsciously held you back from having what you want in life quickly and effectively with Hypno-therapy. As a certified Hypno-therapist I can help you create the confidence and freedom that will enable you to leave the past behind and take on dating in an empowering, successful and fulfilling way.

Dating Support Group

This group is not for everyone. If you want a quick fix to trick women or men into liking you, this group is not for you. If you are not willing to look at yourself objectively and be coachable, this group is not for you. This is a group for men and women who simply want to become better themselves, which of course attracts better partners. This group is for men and women:

  • who want to be more comfortable with themselves and the opposite sex
  • who want to stop settling for people they are not into because that’s all they can get
  • who want to stop getting walked on by romantic partners
  • who want to become more confident, attractive, outgoing and fun
  • who want to become more masculine/feminine
  • who want to develop an empowering view of themselves and relationships with others
  • who want multiple casual fun realtionships with women/men
  • who really just want a relationship with a quality woman/man
  • who are not interested in tricks and tips, but want to authentically be a person a quality partners wants
  • who want to understand and interact with women/men better


Jamie is now offering cutting edge workshops that help men become powerfully attractive to women.  There are several female assistants that offer quality feedback about what you are doing that is killing your chances with women.

Make the First Move

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