How having fun could save your relationship – Relationship Advice


The third thing I see hindering relationships of clients who come to see me is couples aren’t out there having fun together. It’s easy to get stuck in the mundane of the every day and forget to do things that bring out what made you like your partner from the beginning.  Staying out of the seemingly inevitable rut At some… [Continue Reading …]

Vulnerability – your secret weapon (Relationship advice)

4 keys to healthy relationships: 2nd Key is Vulnerability The second thing happy couples have that I find missing in people who come to me with relationships on the rocks is vulnerability.  I’m putting this in a separate category as communication because you can have good communication and still not share the deep stuff.  The deep stuff is what bonds… [Continue Reading …]

Make Your Fantasy a Reality on Valentine’s Day


Don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day? Let the dating coach help… It’s definitely not because there are a lack of women who want dates on Valentine’s Day!  Chances are it’s because you need it too much. When we desire something it becomes a fantasy and fantasies are fictional stories that never actually happen. We get stuck in the wanting… [Continue Reading …]

Dating tip from a dating coach: Be comfortable with being uncomfortable

We are always moving toward what we want or away from it, but there is no such thing as not moving.  Our culture is lazy and entitled and we think that things will magically happen or one day someone will just give us what we want.  Sometimes we get lucky and it happens all at once with what seems like… [Continue Reading …]

Misery is a product of your own imagination.


Misery is a choice; it’s not even our natural state.  We have to work really hard at it!  But once we latch onto it, letting go can be quite difficult, like a baby on it’s mama’s teet.  We come from a source of infinite love and joy and that is our natural state. Our bodies start to break down when… [Continue Reading …]

Would you date you?

Ultimately if you don’t like yourself no one else will. Everyone talks about confidence. Confidence is attractive, yes. But there is something deeper than confidence I want to talk about today. It’s profound and deep, it’s abstract and under-rated. It’s self love. I realize this post is called “Would you date you?” It’s important to start with the foundation of… [Continue Reading …]

Dating Tips – Are you boring? Ask the dating coach!


When women first start seeing someone they want it to be exciting and fun.  They expect it to feel a certain way and if it doesn’t they think it’s because they don’t like you that much.  You might be perfect for her and she doesn’t even know it because you are mistakingly hiding how great you are!  Even if she… [Continue Reading …]

Relationship advice: Finding a happy relationship


I talk to clients of mine who come to me for relationship coaching and many of them are frustrated with their dating lives and who they are attracting. For a very long time I was primarily a dating coach because I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I most wanted to hang out and have fun, doing as I… [Continue Reading …]